Robert “Bob” Majka

Board of County Commissioners
Title: County Manager
Phone: 850-248-8140
Picture of Bob Majka


Robert "Bob" Majka, began working in local government as a firefighter in 1988. In 1993, Mr. Majka became the Hazardous Materials Program manager for the county, and in 1996, his position was reclassified as the Emergency Management Division manager. He was promoted to Chief of Emergency Services in 1998 and served Bay County in that capacity until 2006 when he was promoted to Assistant County Manager. In 2012, Mr. Majka left Bay County to assume the helm of the City of Cocoa Beach as its manager. He returned home to Bay County in 2015 after being appointed County Manager.


Mr. Majka has earned a Master of Business Administration, a bachelor's degree in business administration, an associate's degree in fire science technology and a certification from the U.S. Fire Administration's Executive Fire Officer Program.

County Manager

Mr. Majka serves as Bay County's county manager responsible for the management of senior county staff and their departments, including Emergency Services, Human Services, Utilities, Public Works, Community Development, General Services, Budget, Information Technology, Public Information, Purchasing and Risk Management.


Mr. Majka and his wife, Jennifer, enjoy spending time with family, golfing and visiting the World's Most Beautiful Beaches. Mr. Majka has two children - a son who is now home from his active duty service in the Navy and attending Gulf Coast State College - and a daughter who has graduated from GCSC and is now attending FSU Panama City.

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