Emergency Operations Center Water Line


The purpose of this Scope of Work is to provide protective measures to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) potable water line, located in Panama City, Bay County, Florida, funded through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) DR-4399-021-R, as approved by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (Division) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


As a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program project, the Sub-Recipient proposes to provide protection to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) potable water line, located at 700 Highway 2300, Panama City, Florida, 32409. Coordinates (30.299469, -85.663051). The scope is for Phase I only, which includes but is not limited to surveying, engineering, design, plans preparation, permitting, and bidding for the proposed project, for Phase II approval. No construction activities for this project have been approved. When completed, the Sub-Recipient shall provide deliverables for Phase II review of the following proposed activities. Phase II proposed scope of work shall include connecting this critical facility to the wholesale water distribution system, which is prioritized for service in the event the water treatment plant experiences a loss in operability due to damage from a disaster, minimizing outages, and guaranteeing continuity of operations during emergencies. The project shall include the installation of approximately 7,000 LF of 6" cement mortar-lined ductile iron (DI) water main and tapping sleeves to join the water main to the wholesale network and the EOC facilities. Additionally, isolation gate valves, associated fittings and appurtenances, an aerial crossing, and a gravel access road along the proposed pipe route in the portion passing through undeveloped land shall be included. The direct connection between the EOC and the wholesale potable water transmission line shall mitigate the risk of loss of water service during severe storm events, and sanitary services as well, which are dependent on the availability of running water. The project consequentially shall benefit the disaster relief and recovery efforts for the entire County by preventing the disruption of operations of nearly 1,000 first responders. 

The project shall be designed to provide protection against a 500-year storm event. Activities shall be completed in strict compliance with Federal, State, and Local applicable Rules and Regulations.   

The Grant is also funded in part through Community Development Block Grant Funds Project M0060 through the Department of Florida Commerce and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Project Timeline

Phase 1 Design                                 100% Complete
Phase II sent to FEMA                    April 2022
Awaiting Phase II Approval

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