Annual Reports

The Bay County Annual Report, Budget Summary, and Strategic Plan publications are produced each year and are intended to offer our citizens and taxpayers information about the many ways county government is working for you. These three publications aim to work together to provide citizens with a well-rounded picture of what we have done, how we’re spending your money, and where we will take the county in the future. 

Annual Report 2022 Annual Report Cover PhotoThe Annual Report provides extensive, in-depth information about county departments and programs and how they serve the public, but more specifically, it highlights milestones reached throughout the course of the last fiscal year that runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. Each county division enumerates the achievements they have made over the course of the year. Those accomplishments are part of a broader long-term plan laid out in our Strategic Plan.

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Budget SummaryBudget Summary 2023 ImageThe Budget Summary condenses annual budget information in an effort to make it accessible and understandable for the general public, with a goal of succinctly communicating where the revenue that funds Bay County government comes from and how it is expended. A copy of the detailed budget for the Board of County Commissioners is available online at

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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan 2021-2025 News Flash Image
Finally, the Strategic Plan, outlined in five-year increments, serves as a roadmap for upcoming initiatives that will help determine how future budgets are allocated. The plan enumerates the specific steps the county will take to meet its adopted long-term, enduring goals of ensuring safety, providing effective services, maintaining our values, preserving our environment, and building a healthy business climate. 

•   2018-2022
•   2021-2025
•   2022-2026