Bay County Law Library

Special Dependent District's Full Name:

Bay County Law Library

Public Purpose: 
"The Bay County Law Library is created and established as a dependent special district in Bay County for the purposes of providing a central, adequate law library for the use of county officials, judges, officers of the several courts of Bay County, and the citizens of Bay County."  LOF Chap. 2005-348

Description of Boundaries:  Bay County

 Services Provided:

Access to over 2,000 volumes for legal research including Legal Encyclopedias, Federal and State statutes, Sample Forms, Treatises, Procedural guides, Case Law, Court Rules, Self-Help Resources.
Computer programs include Westlaw Edge® and Florida Law Weekly Supplemental®. Continuing Legal Education courses available to all attorneys.

Continuing Legal Education courses available to all attorneys and their staff.  Course list

Florida Statutes Chapter 189

Date Established: 1969
Florida Legislature passed Chapter 69-835, Laws of Florida, creating the Bay County Law Library.
Current Codified Charter: Chapter 2005-348, Laws of Florida

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:

Bay County Law Library
PO Box 873
Panama City, FL 32402

Registered Agent:

Khelsea Rantanen
(850) 522-2121


Revenue Information:

Assessments of Criminal Fines per  FL St § 939.185
Printing/Copy Charges, Document Generating, General County Funds

General Financial Information:
Fiscal Year:  October 1 - September 30

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