Solid Waste Disposal Options

 Solid Waste Disposal Options

Bay County operates disposal facilities. We do not provide pick up services. Many of the municipalities provide this service. In unincorporated Bay County, this service is provided by independent commercial haulers. Please see our list of Municipalities and licensed commercial haulers for additional information.

​The Bay County Solid Waste Division operates two solid waste disposal/processing facilities, the Bay County Waste-to-Energy Facility and the Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill. Both are open to the public. The facility addresses and Scale House contact information are:

Steelfield Road Landfill


Bay County Steelfield Road Landfill

11411 Landfill Road

Panama City Beach, FL  32413

(850) 236-2212

The Steelfield Road Landfill can accept most items that are generated from a traditional household.  However, State and Federal regulations do dictate that certain items have different disposal restrictions than others.

·       Household garbage (Kitchen garbage) and non-burnable trash items like swings sets, furniture, boats, construction debris can be disposed of in the same area.

·       Yard Debris (Vegetative Waste such as leaves, brush and tree trimmings) cannot be traditionally landfilled and has to be deposited in a separate area.

·       Large Tractor or Off-road type tires are accepted at the landfill and can be legally disposed of there. Waste Tires such as those that come off of a vehicle cannot be legally landfilled. They are accepted at the landfill but must be deposited in a separate area. They are trucked from the landfill to the Waste-to Energy facility for final disposal. If you have a large number of waste tires,  you should utilize the Bay County Waste-to-Energy facility rather than the Steelfield Road Landfill.

·       Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and washing machines cannot be legally landfilled. They are accepted at the landfill but must be disposed of in a separate area.

·       Household Hazardous Waste such as cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, paints, gasoline, used oil and batteries are all accepted at the landfill. They are not landfilled but are segregated at our Household Hazardous Waste Facility for proper disposal.

WTE aerial

Bay County Waste-to-Energy

6510 Bay Line Drive​

Panama City, Florida, 32404

Phone: 850-914-6248 ​​

​    Like the Steelfield Road Landfill, the Bay County Waste-to-Energy can also accept most of the waste materials that are generated from the average household. However, there are additional restrictions that limit the amount and type of materials that can be accepted.
​ ​
​    The Bay County Waste-to-Energy facility is designed to burn waste materials, and as such it is limited to what kind of materials that it can process and to how large an item it can burn. The facility can only properly process burnable materials that are less than 4” thick and less than 4’ long. Items larger than that can cause blockages on the facilities conveyor systems. ​

​ ·  Non-burnable materials such as bed frames, barbeque grills etc. or large bulky items like furniture are accepted but only in relatively small quantities. Since these items cannot be processed at the facility they have to be able to fit into a dumpster for transport to the landfill. If you only have small amount of non-burnable items then the facility can probably take them. If you have a large amount of items like this you will have to utilize the Steelfield Road Landfill.​

​ ·   Tires – The Waste-to-Energy facility will accept just about any size tire that could come off of a vehicle suitable for highway use. It cannot however, due to size restrictions, accept large off road tires such as would come off of a farm tractor. These have to be landfilled at the Steelfield Road Landfill. · ​​

     Household Hazardous waste and appliances are not accepted at the Waste-to-Energy Facility. For disposal these items will have to be taken to the Steelfield Road Landfill.​

​For additional information on our rates, please see our Solid Waste Disposal Guide.