Property Protection & Flood Hazards

Local Flood Hazard

Bay County is highly prone to flood hazards associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, and rainfall with high intensity or duration. Bay County averages about 80 thunderstorm days each year. The threat of flooding for Bay County is generally based on local rainfall conditions, and is not affected by rainfall from other states, or from upstream areas which are not in the County. For more information see the CRS Progress Report (PDF). For information regarding historical flooding in your area contact 850-248-8250.

Flood Safety

Safety precautions that you can take to protect your family and keep property loss to a minimum include: Keep a battery powered radio turned in to local stations, turn off all electricity; except to your refrigerator and freezer, Fill your tubs, sinks, and any available containers with water, Board up your windows to protect them from flying debris, Move valuables and furniture to higher elevations. Avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. Visit the National Flood Insurance Program website for more information.

Flood Insurance

Standard Property Insurance does not cover flood damage. Federal flood insurance may not be available for properties designated as a Coastal Barrier Resource or Other Protected Area. For more information about CBRA/OPA contact 850-248-8250. For more information about flood insurance, visit

Property Protection Measures

The County's Building Department is available to answer public inquiries regarding floor elevations of existing properties, advice on how to select a qualified contractor, review of retrofitting plans, and on site visits to advise owners of appropriate protection measures. See the CRS Progress Report (PDF) for more details. Bay County staff is available for on-site visits to discuss localized flooding hazards at 850-248-8250.

Natural & Beneficial Functions

In their undisturbed and natural state, area interior wetlands provide many beneficial functions, including floodplain management, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. For more information visit

Local Flood Hazard Maps

See the County's Interactive mapping maintained by the Geographic Information Systems Department for flood hazard maps, storm surge, and hurricane evacuation zones.

Flood Warning Systems

Bay County Emergency Operations Center, the National Weather Service, and the National Hurricane Center help to monitor flood and storm threats and advise the community accordingly. Potential flood alerts are issued over local radio and television stations, and over NOAA weather alert radio frequency FM-162.550 MHZ.

For more information about flood insurance, visit