Fee Schedule

Note: Any applicant requesting a particular service specified herein shall make formal application to the Division herein and shall pay the appropriate fee. No portion of the appropriate fee shall be refunded whether the request is withdrawn by the applicant or denied or granted by Bay County.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Review (S163.3184, F.S)

Large-Scale (over 50 acres)$2,720
Small-Scale (under 50 acres)$1,450

Empty heading

Discretionary Permit Reviews

Appeals (pursuant to s. 209 LDR)$800
Variances (pursuant to s. 208 LDR)$1,210
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) (pursuant to chapter 12, LDR)$1,210
Amendment to CUP Requiring Planning Commission Approval$1,210
Planned Unit Development (PUD) (pursuant to Chapter 12, LDR)$1,210
Amendment to PUD requiring BOCC approval$1,210
Administrative amendment to PUD$200
Zone Change (pursuant to s. 307 LDR)$1,450
Development Agreement (pursuant to s. 163.3221 F.S and s. 1710 LDR)$2,200

Development of Regional Impact (DRI) (pursuant to chapter 380 LDR)

DRI Project$3,630
Substantial Deviation$1,210
Notice of Proposed Change (DRI)$1,210
Determination of DRI Compliance$220

Development Order Review (pursuant to chapter s. 1803 LDR)

Development Order Review$800
Development Order Resubmittal Review (three or more submittals)$300
Time Extension$300
Subdivision Review (pursuant to s. 2906 LDR)$900
Request for Substantial Deviation$550
Detailed Specific Area Plan Development Order$7,500
(pursuant to s. 163.3245 3(b) F.S)

Land Clearing Permit (pursuant to s. 1702 LDR)

Residential Lot$10
Excavation Permit$35
Fill Permit$35
Grading Permit$35

Liquor License Review

Office Review Only$0
Site Inspection Required$55

Miscellaneous (Reff, Zones, Parking) Permit Reviews

Artificial Reef Permits (pursuant to Ordinance 94-08)$30
Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation Review$575
Zone Verification Letter$50
Parking Lot Vendor Permit (pursuant to Ordinance 12-29)$50
Special Events Permit (pursuant to Ordinance 12-28)$350


Off Premise Signs$210
On Premise Signs$120

Tree Removal Permits

Dead or Dangerous Tree$0