Selection & Ranking Process

The Bay County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee will consider all eligible pre-proposals and vote to select those projects to evaluate in more detail. Sponsors of those projects will be invited to complete and submit a full proposal.

Full Proposal Evaluation

The full proposals will be evaluated, and the Committee will vote to select which projects to advance to the ranking phase. The selected projects will be ranked by the Committee, and the Committee will submit these recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners. After at least a 45 day public review period, the Commissioners will select projects for funding, up to a maximum total of $6.3 million.

These projects, together with the partial draft plan approved earlier by the Board, will be submitted to the U.S Treasury as the initial Bay County Multi-Year Implementation Plan for Direct Component funds from the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund. Public input will be an integral part of the process. Public comment is encouraged at all Committee meetings. A full description of the selection and ranking process (PDF) can be downloaded.

The list of submitted pre-proposals can be viewed. You can also view a map of the locations of the pre-proposal projects.