RESTORE Pre-Proposal Application

Pre-Proposal Application Cycle for Bay County Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (RESTORE) Direct Component Funds


Pre-proposal applications will be accepted until 4 p.m. Central Time, November 3, 2014.

Bay County is opening an application cycle for projects proposed to be funded through a trust fund established by the RESTORE Act. The Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund is funded by Clean Water Act fines related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Bay County will receive $6.3 million in Direct Component (Pot 1) money through this trust fund as a result of the Transocean settlement.

A maximum of $6.3 million will be available for this application cycle. The list of ranked projects resulting from this cycle will only be used for this cycle. A new cycle will be opened and a new list compiled when additional funds are available. Proposals not funded in this cycle may re-apply in future application cycles.

Instructions & Recommendations

Before you start the proposal process, please take a few minutes to review information from Bay County's Multi-Year Implementation Plan (PDF) for RESTORE Direct Component (Pot 1) funds. Reviewing this information will give you an idea of whether your project is eligible for funds, and how competitive it might be. Applicants who want to manage a funded project must be capable of managing the federal grant process and all of its requirements.

The pre-proposal form can be downloaded.

Please complete the form, save it, and email it to us.

Readers & ADA Compliance

Do not send any materials other than the form. Adobe Reader XI or newer is needed to complete the form. If you do not have the reader, you can download the reader for free from the Adobe website. For ADA compliance for the visually impaired, we recommend online conversion tools for Adobe PDF documents.

Partial Plan Components

The Bay County Board of County Commissioners approved a partial Multi-Year Implementation Plan (PDF) for RESTORE Direct Component funds. The partial plan includes

The complete plan will include projects approved by the Board of County Commissioners. After the plan is accepted by the U.S Department of the Treasury, grant applications can be prepared for each project. Projects will be funded through a federal grant process. The plan will be revised and more projects selected when additional Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Funds become available. Additional information on the grant process is available on the Treasury page.