Proposal Project Applications

Following is a list of the proposal project applications. Proposals are listed in order of proposal number. Each proposal has the full proposal file in PDF format (2014-Number Number Number a, you must read these as you scroll through), the main text of the proposal that was exported to a spreadsheet and saved as a PDF (2014-Number Number Number b, easiest to read and print out), and the budget sheet in pdf format (2014-Number Number Number c). Exhibits, such as maps and letters of support, are attached to the end of the full proposal file (2014-Number Number Number a), with the exception of environmental checklists, which are separate files ending in "d" (2014-Number Number Number d).

Proposal presentations from the February 24 Bay County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee meeting are posted under the proposal number followed by an "e" (2014-Number Number Number e).

The file "2014 Bay RESTORE Full Proposal Spreadsheet post 20150213" has all the proposals in an Excel spreadsheet form, with each individual proposal's text as a separate worksheet accessed by tabs at the bottom of the work page.

View a map of the projects. The full proposals are indicated by star symbols on this map.

Numbered Proposals