Mosquito Control Services

Larvacide Operations

The primary responsibility of a Larvacide technician is to routinely check for potential breeding sites, which include source reduction, tire abatement, investigation, inspection and analysis of property and environmental conditions with corresponding chemical and biological suppression (Gambusia Minnows) of mosquito populations in the larva and pupa stage of development. Our technicians are available during the day to assist the citizens of Bay County with concerns.


The Division also develops and conducts presentations, obtains and distributes public information materials in an effort to promote public awareness on the proper measures that should be taken to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and provide personal protection

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Trap Operations

 Daily throughout the County, the Division sets several different types of traps for the retrieval of adult mosquitoes. Trapped species are counted, identified and tested for mosquito transmitted diseases and for resistance to pesticides.

Lab Operations:

  • Identifies the species of the mosquitos trapped.
  • Reports vector species to the CDC, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • In house testing for West Nile Virus.

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Lab equipment

Adulticide Operations

Are provided by the spray application of pesticides through truck mounted spray units traveling on a route basis throughout the county. Special spraying occurs in response to public health issues and special events.