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VA Forms

Find printable and online forms.

Service-Connected Disability Claims

Use VA Form 21-526EZ (PDF) to file an initial claim for compensation. Compensation is for injuries or diseases that occurred or were aggravated by military service. Other VA Forms and medical records may be required to support your claim. VA Form 21-526EZ is used to request an increase for a service-connected disability under the fully developed claim system. It is recommended to visit the office before filing the claim to consult with a counselor about other documents needed to file the claim. Find the VA Forms page for more information.

Non-Service Connected Pension

This is payable when a veteran has war time service, is permanently and totally disabled, and has total family income below that set by the VA. Use VA Forms 21-527EZ to file an initial claim for pension. You will also use VA Form 21-527EZ if you have previously filed a VA Form 21-526EZ. Find the VA Forms page for more information.

Health Care Application

Use VA Form 10-10EZ (PDF) to apply for health care. Report the previous year total family income and medical expenses. Submit a copy of the DD 214 with the application. When asked to recertify, use 10-10 EZR (PDF).

Health Care Application - Dependents

Veteran must be rated by the VA at 100% Permanent and Total, or receiving Individual Unemployability and rated Permanent and Total. Submit VA Form 10-10d, VA Form 10-7959c (PDF), DD 214, marriage certificate, and VA Rating Decision to:
VA Health Administration Center
P.O. Box 469028
Denver, CO 80246-9028

Death Compensation for Dependents (DIC)

This is where a service member died on active duty, or when a veteran dies from a service-connected disability, or the veteran had been rated by the VA at 100% for ten years or longer. Use VA Form 21-534EZ and submit a copy of the marriage certificate, the veteran’s death certificate, and the veterans DD 214.

Death Pension for Dependents

This is payable when the surviving spouse or dependent children of a veteran who served in a period of war has income below the amount set by the VA. Use 21-534EZ and submit a copy of the marriage certificate, the veteran’s death certificate and the DD 214. Report the dependents income and recurring medical expenses.

Burial Benefits

Veteran must have been receiving either compensation or pension from the VA at the time of death. Use VA Form 21-530 and submit a copy of the death certificate, an itemized list of the funeral and plot expenses, and a paid receipt from the funeral home. If the veteran was not receiving compensation or pension and has an honorable discharge, a flag and grave marker may be applied for.

Home Loan Certificate

Submit VA Form 26-1880 (PDF) and a copy of the DD 214 to:
Atlanta Regional Loan Center
Attn: COE (262)
P.O. Box 100034
Decatur, GA 30031

This may also be done online or at your lending institution.


Contact the Veterans Representative at the school that you want to attend. For questions about eligibility and length of training, contact the:
VA Education Center
Muskogee, OK 74402-8888

Phone: 888-442-4551

Get Assistance in Completing the Forms

If you live in Bay County, contact the Bay County Veterans Office for an appointment by calling 850-248-8280. If you live in another county, contact that County's Veterans Services Officer. For a list of these offices visit the State Office's contact us page.

Veterans Events

Annually there is a Memorial Day ceremony at Kent Forrest Cemetery on 23rd Street, and a Veterans Day Parade. Look for announcements in the News Herald.