Stormwater Runoff Problems

Reporting Problems & Helpful Resources

If you are experiencing a stormwater runoff problem, please review the answers to frequently asked questions and if you still feel you have a problem, contact the Engineering Division at 850-248-8301 or by email.

Stormwater Challenges & Treatment

The relatively flat terrain of Bay County and the large areas of wetlands and areas with a high water-table combine to present unique challenges for managing stormwater runoff. In addition, the environmental regulations enacted in the past ten years have required stormwater runoff treatment prior to its outflow to our natural waterways.

Priority Problems

The Roads and Bridges Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of roadside drainage systems and primary drainage outfalls. Stormwater runoff problems are prioritized as follows:

  • Environmental Problems
  • Roadway Flooding
  • Structural Flooding
  • Yard Flooding

Drainage Easements & Ditches

Frequently, where drainage systems exist, stormwater runoff problems can be corrected by maintenance and repair efforts. Unfortunately, the County only has drainage easements for 30% of the existing primary drainage outfalls. As such, the County must secure permission from property owners prior to maintaining most outfall ditches.