Residential Driveways

Constructing Right-of-Ways / Driveways

All residential driveways connecting to any County owned or maintained right-of-way will be constructed by or under the supervision of the Roads and Bridges Division. A residential driveway serves residential property designed to accommodate up to four families (quadraplex). Connection of a residential property to a County right-of-way requires a Residential Driveway permit issued by the Roads and Bridges Division.

Costs & Fees

The cost of the construction of the driveway shall be the expense of the property owner. Residential Driveway permits are required for all new driveways and modification of any existing driveways. Verification for any existing driveway will require a permit however, the permit fee shall be waived.

Residential Driveway Permit

A Residential Driveway Permit (PDF) is submitted to the Engineering Division along with a $70 permit fee (checks should be made payable to the Bay County Commission). The Engineering Division address is:
840 W 11th Street
Panama City, FL 32401

The Roads and Bridges Division determines the best grade and whether or not a driveway culvert is needed to maintain roadside drainage. If a culvert is required, the property owner will have a private contractor install the pipe in accordance with County standards. The Roads and Bridges Division will set the grade for the driveway culvert, determine the appropriate size and inspect the completed driveway construction. Acceptance of the completed driveway will be a requirement for the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

Questions or Comments

Questions regarding residential driveways may be directed to the Engineering Division at 850-248-8301 or via email.