Roads & Bridges


The mission of the Roads and Bridges Division is to maintain and repair over 746 miles of paved (494) and dirt (252) roadways with drainage, 51 bridges and 70 miles of primary drainage systems / easements to provide a safe and reliable transportation network and a stormwater system that minimizes flooding and protects the environment.


The Roads and Bridges Division provides general maintenance and repair of all County Roadways and Drainage Facilities, which includes but is not limited to roadway construction, pothole repair, culvert replacements, ditch cleaning, road grading, roadside mowing, herbicide spraying, tree trimming, and removal.

This Division also provides for mining operations in the County Borrow Pits and other functions needed to keep the County roadways safe and to keep the Stormwater facilities functional. In addition, the Roads & Bridges Division provides the service of staking culvert and swale driveway elevations for new residential driveways and follow up through to the final inspection.

You can request services by filling out the Online Service Request Form or by calling 850-248-8810.