COVID-19 Response

Bay County Emergency Order regarding screening of County Contractors during the COVID-19 Local State of Emergency - requires all contractors providing services to Bay County to conduct a daily screening of all employees, independent contractors, and other workers performing services as outlined in the Emergency Order.

Hurricane Michael Recovery

Purchase Orders and Contracts issued by the County to the Vendor are subject to federal terms.  By performing the work, Vendor has accepted these terms.

This guide is to explain how vendors may participate in the recovery of Bay County, Florida.

The Purchasing Department hopes this guide will help you become acquainted with its policies and procedures for procurement and help you present your services/products to Bay County during this recovery period. The content of this information is intended to serve as a very general guide. However, if your question is not covered here, do not hesitate to contact the Purchasing Department to receive an answer.

How do I do provide disaster recovery services to Bay County?

Purchases below $150,000.00 begin in the individual program areas. The individual program areas participate in locating vendors and the selection process for the goods/services they need. Vendors may email the Purchasing Department  contact information and a brief summary of services offered. This information will be provided to the individual program areas specific to the type of services/goods the vendor offers.  

For purchases above $150,000.00 a formal solicitation will be advertised through the Purchasing Department. Vendors may register for notification of upcoming solicitations by signing up through Notify Me.

Bay County does not currently pre-qualify vendors or maintain a list of pre-qualified vendors.


We wish to invite all businesses to participate in the solicitation process for Bay County. Please take advantage of this information and opportunity. Please call the Purchasing Department at 850-248-8270 if you have any questions that we may be able to assist you with.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of supplies, equipment, and services for all departments under the Board of County Commissioners. Purchasing continues to successfully administer the competitive solicitation process and coordinate all associated bid awards, proposals, evaluation processes, and contract development. Purchasing also administers the County’s surplus property sales and Purchasing Card programs.

Current Solicitations

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