Bay County Animal Control Forms

Contact Animal's Owner

Before you fill out an affidavit it is suggested you first try to make contact with the owner of the offending animal. Often the owner is not even aware that there is a problem. If this does not resolve the issue, feel free to contact Bay County Animal Control at 850-767-3333. In order for Bay County Animal Control to process the case as efficiently as possible it is imperative that you be able to provide the following information: exact address of the animal's owner (this ensures that the correct parties are contacted), a description of the offending animal (breed, color, markings), and nature of the complaint (barking, running at large, etc.) After the complaint is received, Bay County Animal Control will send the offending party an official notice of the complaint via USPS.

Allowing at least one week's time for the official notice to be delivered, if the problem still persists please contact Bay County Animal Control. Once contacted Bay County Animal control will advise if either an affidavit is to be completed or in some cases an officer may be dispatched to the offending address. 

Affidavit Instructions

In the event that you are asked to complete an affidavit, there are some things to keep in mind. 

Please remember that all affidavits are essentially sworn statements and will need to be notarized. To assist with this all Animal Control Officers are notaries and will be able to notarize your signature. It is imperative that all information is as accurate as possible and the affidavit is complete in its entirety. In the event that the offending party wishes to contest the complaint and a court date is requested, all parties who have completed an affidavit concerning the issue will be called as witnesses for the court hearing.

Bay County Animal Services wishes to make the process of addressing your complaint as efficient as possible. Listed below you will find copies of Bay County Animal Control's affidavits complete with thorough instructions on how to complete each specific affidavit.

Feel free to contact Bay County Animal Control with any questions you may have.