Pothole Maintenance

There are over 494 miles of County owned or maintained paved roads in Bay County. In addition there are also hundreds of miles of paved roads which are owned by the state of Florida and the municipalities within Bay County. While the maintenance requirements for paved roads are much less than that required for dirt roads, paved roads do experience deterioration over extended periods of time.

Potholes in paved road surfaces are a major irritant to the driving public and can present a safety hazard. As such, the Roads & Bridges Division makes every effort to repair potholes within 72 hours of notification. To report a pothole problem, call the Roads & Bridges Division at 784-4050. After normal duty hours, your call will be automatically transferred to Bay County Emergency Management.

Questions regarding paved road maintenancemay be directed to the Engineering Division at 248-8301 or email engineering@baycountyfl.gov.