Full Time Employee Benefits

Leave and Holidays


Employee receives 11 paid holidays as follows: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Annual Leave

40 hour work week:

Up to 5 years service96 hours per year
5-10 years service120 hours per year
11-14 years service144 hour per year
15-19 years service168 hours per year
20 years or more192 hours per year

53 hour work week (Fire Services personnel)

Up to 5 years service127.33 hours per year
5-10 years service159.02 hours per year
11-14 years service190.99 hour per year
15-19 years service222.68 hours per year
20 years or more254.65 hours per year

Upon completion of probation employees in regular positions will be eligible for payment of accumulated annual leave not to exceed 240 hours (40 hour work week), or 318 hours (53 hour work week) in cases of separation by voluntary resignation, involuntary reduction in force or occupational liability).

Sick Leave

Employees receive 96 hours (40-hour workweek) or 127 hours (53-hour workweek) paid sick leave per year. An employee who terminates from County employment shall forfeit all unused sick leave except for those employees hired prior to November 3, 1987 and retiring under the County's retirement plan.

Bereavement Leave

Up to three consecutive working days for any death in the immediate family. This leave will not be charged against employee's annual or sick leave.

Leave Without Pay

Time off without pay for a period of time appropriate to the circumstances. Types of Leave without Pay include:

  • Military Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Family and Medical Leave

Sick Leave Pool

Allows participating full-time regular employees to pool sick leave for use on the depletion of their personally accrued sick leave.


Bay County is a member of the Florida Retirement System. Employees are required to pay 3% of gross salary on a pre-taxed basis with the Board of County Commission contributing the remaining amount. Benefits payable as follow:

Pension Plan – after 8 years of service upon reaching age 65 or 33 years service regardless of age; or

Investment Plan – after 1 year of service and one full calendar month termination from FRS employment regardless of age


Health & Life Insurance

75% of total premium paid by the Board of County Commissioners for employee and eligible dependents. Health insurance provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

Dental Insurance

100% of total premium paid by the employee.

Vision Insurance

100% of total premium paid by the employee.

Worker's Compensation

Insurance for on-the-job injuries.


Education Reimbursement

The Bay County Board of County Commissioners offers a very competitive Education Reimbursement Program for professional & vocational job training.

Credit Union

Eligibility to become a member of Tyndall Federal Credit Union with payroll deduction available.

Direct Deposit

Electronic transfer of net pay into any bank or credit union.

Section 125 Plan

Deduction for payment of insurance premiums, health care reimbursement and dependent care, paid with "pretax dollars" - Section 125 Cafeteria Plan resources.

Deferred Compensation

Tax deferred savings plans, by payroll deduction for retirement purposes.

Court Duty

An employee who is legally summoned to serve on a jury during a court trial or subpoenaed may be permitted absence with pay for the time required for such duty.

Social Security

Social Security retirement, disability and insurance benefits.


In certain jobs where uniforms are required, may be furnished at no cost to employee.

Safety Footwear

In certain jobs where safety boots/shoes are required, shall be furnished to the employee at no cost up to allotted dollar amount.

Employee Assistance Program

The Bay County Board of County Commissioners offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all employees and their immediate family members.