Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Interactive Map?

To get a feel for the tools and control of the Interactive Map download our help document. pdf format

How do I find my Parcel?

First you need to launch the interactive map and then open the Property folder by clicking on the folder icon to the left of the title. Find the layer titled Parcels and click on the icon to the right of the title, this will turn the layer on and set you up for the next step. On the upper left corner of the page find and click on the tab that says "Locate". This will open the Search Wizard which will give you the options of searching by Parcel ID, Property Address, or Owner Name choose your search by clicking on the word “search” under the bolded title. Enter the appropriate information and click on search the results you get give you the options of getting information for the Parcel or "Zooming to" and getting the location.

How do I find my Zoning?

First, locate your Parcel (see above). Next you click on the “Layers” tab in the upper right hand corner to allow you to turn layers on and off. Open the Planning folder and click the small box and the blue circle next to title Zoning. This will turn on the layer and enable you to identify your zoning. Use your curser to left-click on the inside of your Parcel to identify the Zoning. If you reside inside a municipality, just use that city’s folder instead of the Planning folder to locate your Layer.

How do I find my Future Land Use?

Use the same instructions for finding Zoning but use the "Future Land Use" layer instead.

How do I find my Flood Zone?

Use the instructions for finding Zoning but the Flood Zone layer is located in the Emergency Planning folder. To see the layer, you need to be sure the icon to the right of the title is gone by clicking on it.

How do I print a map?

After you have all the information you want to display on a map visible on the screen, go to the upper left part of the screen and click on the tab "Print PDF". This will open a window on the right hand of the screen where you can choose the page size, scale, title, and add any notes you may wish. Click "OK" to generate the map and "open map" to see your creation. From here you can save it with a special name, print it, or trash it and start over.