Frequently Asked Questions

How can I initiate a Participating Paving Program?

Each project is initiated by the property owners. The Board of County Commissioners may approve the project when a majority of the owners sign a petition agreeing to participate, and not more than 40% object at the public hearing, or in writing.

After the petition is received when will the actual construction of the project begin?

Usually in less than 6 months. Projects are processed in the order they are received to be fair to all applicants. Actual construction time is less than 2 months on most projects.

After completion who maintains the road?

Bay County Roads and Bridges Division

Does the property owner have to pay their portion of the project in full at completion of the project?

The property owner's assessment can be paid at the completion or a monthly-amortized payment schedule can be arranged for up to 60 months. There is also a hardship provision if the property owner qualifies.