Adopt A Highway Program

A Partnership for litter control and beautification of Bay County roadways.

Adopt-A-Highway is a Win-Win program that allows for groups to make a visible difference in their community for a minimal cost. The program also frees up Bay County's over-burdened maintenance staff for more productive activities such as road repairs.

Contact Us

Bay County Public Works Dept.
840 West 11th Street
(850) 248-8301


The Volunteers' Responsibilities

Civic-minded groups, well aware of the litter problem and wondering what they can do to help, have the opportunity to improve the quality of life in their community.

In signing the Adopt-A-Highway agreement, the participating group makes the following commitment:

  • Litter removal at least twelve times a year.
  • Litter removal from a one mile stretch of County roadway.
  • A two year obligation.
  • Attend a safety meeting prior to litter removal.

These four obligations are the minimum requirements for the program. However, should a group wish to expand on these responsibilities, Bay County will work with them to do so.

Bay County's Responsibilities

Bay County has the following responsibilities under the Adopt-A-Highway agreement:

  • Post Adopt-A-Highway signs with group's name.
  • Pick up bagged litter at specified locations.
  • Provide safety vests and warning signs.
  • Assist of conduct safety meetings.

Bay County is committed to making this program work and will make every effort to coordinate closely with citizen groups to ensure success.