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1. How do I adopt a pet from the Bay County Animal Shelter?
2. What is the cost associated with the adoption of a pet and what do I get with that payment?
3. I have stray dogs or cats, how can I get them removed?
4. I have raccoons or opossums, how can I get them removed?
5. How do I handle a barking dog complaint?
6. How many animals am I allowed to have in Panama City?
7. How many animals am I allowed to have in Bay County?
8. Does Animal Control handle snakes?
9. Does Animal Control handle rats?
10. Will Animal Control micro chip my pet?
11. How do I handle a welfare check complaint?
12. Are pigs, horses, and other livestock allowed in the county?
13. Does Animal Control handle wild birds?
14. Does Animal Control handle alligators?
15. How do I pay my citation?
16. What is a Notice to Comply?
17. How can I find out if Animal Control picked up my pet?
18. How do I get a copy of an Animal Control report?
19. Is there a charge for copies of Animal Control reports?
20. What area does Bay County Animal Control cover?
21. How do I contact the Lynn Haven Shelter?
22. What can I do to help Animal Control with dogs running loose?
23. I have found an animal, what should I do?
24. Is there a fee to use a county trap?
25. What is the fee to have my animal euthanized?
26. What information should I have when calling to report a dog running loose?