Transit Division

The Transit Division oversee two transit programs within Bay County. On behalf of the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), we oversee Bay Town Trolley (BTT), the fixed route system. The TPO owns the system and includes representation from all the municipalities and Bay County. We also oversee the Demand Response system, Bay Area Transportation (BAT) on behalf of the Bay County Board of County Commissioners.

Bay Area Transportation

Bay County serves as the Community Transportation Coordinator in cooperation with the State of Florida Commission Transportation Disadvantaged. Bay County Transit Division oversees the operator that runs Bay Area Transportation (BAT). BAT is a curb to curb, shared ride service for transportation disadvantaged individuals to assist in going to the doctor, work, school, shopping, and many adult day facilities. BAT provides approximately 93,000 trips a year throughout Bay County and maintains over 30 vehicles. For more information on the program, please visit the Bay Area Transportation website.

Bay Town Trolley

Bay County Transit Division also oversees the operator for Bay Town Trolley (BTT) on behalf of the Transportation Planning Organization. BTT is the fixed route service that serves 8 routes throughout the urbanized areas of Bay County and provides approximately 630,000 trips per year. The service maintains 10 transit vehicles with over 300 transit stops. For more information on this service, please visit the Bay Town Trolley website.

Questions, Comments & Concerns

Feedback for either system can be made at either the Bay Town Trolley Leave a Comment page or on the Bay Town Trolley Facebook page.